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Industrial Washing Machine

The Industrial Washing Machines supplied by us are the best-quality as well as heavy-duty machines, suited for several commercial and industrial settings. These are made to clean a large loads of textiles or laundry.

Industrial Laundry Equipment

The Industrial laundry equipment supplied by us are the machines, utilized for cleaning duvets, bulky items, table cloths and large volumes of laundry fabrics. These have touch-programmable microcomputer control and frequency controls.

Hydro Extractor Machine

Hydro extractors are the machines that help in textile processing industry, very well. These are the machines of high speed and high affordability. Supplied machines have been designed to extract extra water swiftly without much vibration.

Reciprocating Air Compressor

We offer reciprocating air compressors featured with piston-driven crankshafts for the purpose of pressurizing the air as well as other gases. These are used to boost the density and reduce the volume.

Finishing Equipment

The Finishing equipment have several functional benefits such as higher pressure generation, flexibility of use and high production efficiency. These can fulfill several requirements and boast of advanced operation. 

Industrial Washer Extractor Machine

Industrial Washer Extractor Machines have automatic interlock for high safety. These machines of low power intake are simple to operate. These are of space saving design and boast of spring suspension system as well as shock absorber.

Flat Work Ironer

Flatwork ironers we deal in are the commercial appliances, which can deal with high volumes of laundry. These can pillow cases, iron sheets, table clothes and other items in an automatic way.

Drying Tumbler

We offer Drying Tumblers, through which the moisture can be easily removed.  These are demanded for the textile and garment industries, and can deal with a high stack of clothes.

Laundry Trolley

Laundry trolleys we deal in are used for the heavy lifting tasks. These are used for transporting and collecting the soiled linens around. These are simple to remove and wash and can remove the dirt or odors.

Laundry Boiler

We offer Laundry Boilers, which are used for washing, ironing and sterilizing. These can be used in combination with washing or ironing equipment. Clients can avail these boilers at industry leading rates.

Drycleaning Machine

Dry cleaning machines supplied by us are the machines, which make use of chemical solvent to wash and clean the particular types of clothes. These are includes with closed-loop system for recirculation and reheating.

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